Conservation & Responsibility

Conservation and Responsibility

Tribes Travel, our parent company, has won multiple international awards for their stance in responsible tourism. These ethics are transferred to our business under the Tanzania Specialists banner too. We believe it is very important that we all try to act responsibly towards the destinations we travel in, including their environments, wildlife and people.

Twiga the Giraffe

Our Tanzania Specialists logo is a giraffe, which is ‘twiga’ in Swahili. He is in the ‘tinga-tinga’ style of painting, which came originally from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. The Tinga-tinga style of painting is credited to Edward Said Tingatinga, who, in the 1960s, started painting with bicycle paint in a naïve and bold, surrealistic style. There are now followers of this style all over East Africa, but its roots are very much Tanzanian.

You will find that, throughout the site, Twiga the Giraffe gives you information about how lodges and experiences are doing their part in giving back.

The Tribes Foundation

We run a charitable foundation which all our sales from Tribes Travel and also our specialists websites back with funds, and for which we raise money for some excellent projects. We have backed various projects such as a wildlife rehabilitation centre in South Africa, an orphanage in Tanzania, an educational project on the Galapagos Islands and lion-proof bomas in Kenya. At the time of writing (Dec 2017) we are currently raising funds for water wells in Zambia.

The Travel Forest

This is an initiative of the Tribes Foundation by which we buy and plant tree saplings in degenerated areas of the destinations we work in. We have planted tens of thousands of trees in Tanzania, Malawi and Peru.